Steal the ONE SIMPLE THING This Formerly Stressed Out Dentist Did 
That (Dramatically) Increased Her Patients and Case Acceptance
 And Magically Made Her Team Dynamics Become As Smooth As Silk!
January 19th
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Los Angeles, CA
Beverly Hills Marriott
Dear Friend, 

Are you content with your business?

Do you feel like you’re battling organized chaos every day?

Do you wish you could have more control over how things go when it comes to your team or your resources – without having to turn into a tyrant?

Are you interested in seeing a FUN approach to effectively accelerate the growth  of your business right now or in the future?

Would you like to effortlessly maximize your productivity to achieve more than you’ve been able to so far - including making a larger social impact?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this intimate event is for you!
A Taste of What’s In Store for You
  •  Learn Simple Strategies to Accelerate Growth and Performance in Your Life and Business
  •  Discover Marketing Automation That Works Like Magic For Dental Practice Growth
  •  Uncover the Secrets To Retain Patients And Increase Your Case Acceptance
  •  A Simple Technique To Communicate In A Clearer, Better Way With Your Team Members
  •  How To Set Concise Goals and Hit Them Fast!
  •  Eliminate Distractions and Improve Production
  •  Getting Predictable, Consistent Practice Growth
  •  And much, much, more!
ACTION To Win: Top of The Game for 2019
This is not your typical, sit in the back and fight falling asleep seminar. Your host is the energetic dynamo, Dr. Emily Letran, DDS, MS. She’s an international speaker, CEO dentist of two multi-specialty group practices, Certified High-Performance

Coach and kid-proclaimed "Best Mom in the World." For more than 20 years, she has transformed people’s lives daily by creating beautiful smiles.

Now she also transforms the lives of busy professionals by helping them buy back their time, to spend with their families, children, and friends. Her mission is to show you how to have the energy and creativity to pursue your passions as well as create and share unforgettable memories with your loved ones. At this event, she will share the secrets that she has used to live a balanced, yet thriving professional and personal life, including the strategy to overcome stress, how to set and achieve specific goals and her insights and the encouragement to THINK BIG.

The full day, action packed, content-rich agenda offers presentations from several other leaders in dentistry.
Action to Win, Dallas
Early Bird Tickets only $97
Regular Ticket Price: $247
Early Bird ends December 31st
Here’s What Will Change When You Attend:
  •  You’ll get clarity and focus to increase productivity.
  •  You’ll see how to easily leverage multiple platforms and systems to grow your dental practice.
  •  You’ll see how to create the right team and motivate them… (yes, this can be the team you currently have!)
  •  How to select the right outsourcing partners.
  •  How to develop automation systems to free up your time so you can focus exclusively on high-profit generating activities.
  •  You’ll be more focused and intentional at running your business, planning your retirement or your exit plan.
You and your team members will gain a clear focus and learn to implement tried and true strategies and protocols to streamline your business.

You will be more intentional in maximizing your daily production, and there will be less stress because everyone is on board, motivated and clear on their goals.

This is also a unique opportunity to come learn from Linda Miles, The Ultimate Mentor with 57 years in dentistry. She has come out of retirement and is going to spend time teaching us her wisdom one how to make your life better with less stress and more confidence.

During the event, you will set new goals, revisit old ones, immediately implement more efficient systems, leverage your resources, and by the end of the day everyone in the room will have leveled up as a better boss, a better business owner, as a high performing team!
    •  We’ll have Candid discussions about real life dentistry.
    •  We’ll break down the difference between a practice owner and a clinical dentist… (and why it matters).
    •  You’ll see how to do foolproof follow-up, using patient education and long-term nurture to increase patient retention and boost referrals.
    •  How to cultivate and build the best culture for your patients and team.
    "A Mindset Shift"
    "An Amazing Course"
    "Absolutely Recommended!"
    "Great Inspirations"
    Early Bird Tickets only $97
    Regular Ticket Price: $247
    Early Bird ends December 31st
    Dr. Emily Letran has an amazing story. She arrived in the USA in 1981 during the exodus of the Vietnamese “Boat People.” Just a young girl, fleeing for her life to escape the Communist government after the end of the Vietnam War. This was a harrowing journey for Emily. She faced danger from pirates, over-crowded boats, and storms. Estimates are that between 200,000 and 400,000 boat people died at sea. While she survived the traumatic trip, her journey to success was still a difficult one. She had to learn English while living in a crowded apartment and sleeping on the floor, she delivered newspapers at 6:00 am rain or shine, to survive before she eventually fought her way to achieve academic and professional success.

    Today, Dr Letran is not only a practicing dentist, she is the author of several books and a Certified High-Performance Coach. She is dedicated to helping business professionals maximize their potential in their personal and business life.
    She shows others how to lead in their professional practices, streamline their business, increase profits, and win back time from work so they can enjoy that time with their families, children and to pursue their passions.

    Dr Letran believes we should create our legacies in our prime working years and make the world a better place, being conscientious in everything we do, living as role models and constantly be learning and improving. She encourages everyone to be the best version of themselves and always reaching for that highest level of personal potential.
    A Note From Dr. Emily On Why You Can’t Miss This Event
    I’ve been able to transform the lives of busy professionals by helping them free up time to enjoy their families, children, friends & have the energy and creativity to pursue their passions. When you come to this event, you’ll see it’s true.

    The framework you will be guided through at this event will be customized to your needs and desires; the goals we set will be yours, peppered with my insights and the encouragement to THINK BIG.

    There will also be a panel of experts sharing systems and strategies that you can implement and immediately use to hit your next milestone and beyond!

    You’ll walk away from this event with the clarity, energy, courage and the influence that will make your practice the one your entire community talks about.

    So, don't miss out on this.

    Hurry and sign up now, because space is very limited.

    I hope to see you there.

    Together we’ll make sure you're crushing it in 2019.

    Reserve your spot today and I'll see you in Beverley Hills, CA

    Dr. Emily Letran, DDS, MS

    How To Grow In The Economy You Create

    Being a dentist can be challenging because the dentist wears many hats: CEO, doctor, "boss," mom or dad. Besides building your practice as a business and striving to excel as a clinician, you also take care of your staff and your patients. Being able to FOCUS on what matters the most and maximize your potential is the key to having a successful practice and maintaining a happy personal life. Dr Emily Letran will guide you through a 90 minutes session where you will gain CLARITY (setting goals and priorities), maximize PRODUCTIVITY (get rid of distractions, achieve milestones in business), and develop COURAGE in personal and business life (having those difficult conversations regarding money, discounts, and dealing with office drama).

    You will have a list of strategies and commitments to ensure implementation and achieving your goals at the end of this breakthrough session.

    Parthiv Shah

    President of eLaunchers is a locally grown and internationally known direct response marketing agency. At a very young age, Parthiv stated a lifelong dream to build something that will be used by the industry as a 'benchmark' in his chosen field. We believe Parthiv has accomplished this mission by building the Fail Safe Follow Up Machine called the Ultimate Growth Engine.

    The Ultimate Growth Engine helps busy small business owners and professional practice owners capture leads and stay in touch with patients/clients who express interest in, but do not buy the recommended services. eLaunchers serves dentists, orthodontists, physicians, other kinds of clinicians, attorneys, financial advisors and information-marketing professionals.

    Dominic Cruz

    Founder & CEO - CruzIn Social Media

    Dominic Cruz who has a strong passion for social media and for what it has to offer to business owners like you. He was raised in the city of Boston, MA and born in New Orleans, LA. Coming from a baseball and dance background, Dominic knew there was more opportunity to serve. in 2013, he discovered social media marketing and what he found is that every day there is something new in the world of social media. If you can't find a way to capitalize on social media, then someone else will.

    Bobby Ray Richardson

    Strategic Accounts Manager - CareCredit

    Bobby Ray Richardson is currently in his new role of a Strategic Accounts Manager for CareCredit. Prior to this role he spent 5 years working as an Inside Sales Rep where he was a top producer in 2002-2003 and 13 years in the field where he earned top performer in 2016 working hands on with practices. Having trained extensively in techniques which assist dental professionals be well-versed in the specifics of improving case acceptance while significantly reducing presentation time and confusion. When he is not coaching practices, he is coaching young players in sports and life situations. With family ties within professional sports and experience in the baseball world this exposure has brought many best practices to his work from his life experiences. The real experiences come from home with his wife and one son playing football at Junior College. Living by the motto of Jerry McGuire’s “Help me…Help you” and having practices really understanding the conversation has made numerous practices successful in today’s economy.

    Gerry Foster

    President of Gerry Foster Branding

    Gerry Foster, a highly accomplished brand strategist, is the President of Gerry Foster Branding, a Brand Development and Training Company based in Los Angeles, CA. He is the creator of the Big Brand Formula which shows small business owners how to create a big brand, and a strong message that sells, so you can excite, delight, and ignite your market and make it easier to get new customers.

    Known affectionately as the Branding Evangelist, Gerry is a dynamic, high energy, charismatic international speaker.
    • His presentations, training, and coaching are not about doing more of the same,   maintaining status quo, or playing small
    • He wants to assist, guide, and support owners who are willing to flip the script, go to the deep end of the pool, and turn the tables in their favor
    • Gerry believes this can be attained by creating brands so unexpected, so profound, and so striking … success to owners can only multiply over time

    Gerry is a graduate of the University of Southern California, renown Marshall School of Business, where he received both his BS and MBA degrees with honors (cum laude) in marketing (with deep study in branding). His company website is
    Steve Parker
    Justin Morgan
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    January 19th
    9:00am - 6:00 pm

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