Attention Dentists: Come Spend One Fun Exciting Day With Us, And You'll Go Home With Practical Solutions to a Truly Profitable, No-Stress Practice and a Happier More Fulfilling Life! 
Dear Dr. : 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the stressors that go along with being a dentist?

From the cost of setting up your practice to dealing with unrealistic patient expectations to managing your staff, your marketing, and your personal's easy to lose optimism about your career and even catch yourself wishing you could do something else.

This story is more common that you might think. But where do you go for solutions?

When was the last time you got together with colleagues to solve problems through peer support? 

It rarely, if EVER happens! 

That's because you were trained to BE COMPETITIVE in dental school.

They know that when you get out on your own, you'll be hit with the reality of how many other dentists are in the area you choose to practice in. 

And it does seem like a competition to get the "good" patients. 

If the Dr. down the street seems to be doing well, it can reinforce feelings of fear and even make you anxious about any business skills you may lack. 

And truth be told... most dentists don’t know what a stress-free, profitable business plan looks like, or how to implement such a plan even they do have one. 

Listen. You got into this profession to make a difference and create a great life, right?

So why should you have to put up with misery, stress and a lot of BS!  

The good news is... you don't! 

You don't have to feel like you’re battling organized chaos every day... 

You can have control over your team and your resources... 

You simply need to adopt the FUN, new, elegant approach that other dentists have discovered. 

An approach that will immediately accelerate the growth of your business, help you maximize your productivity and achieve more (while working less) and even allow you to make a larger social impact. 

If that sounds like the kind of practice you'd like to walk into every day, then you must not miss this one-of-a-kind, exclusive event.  

It was created specifically for you, because… 
You Deserve to Be Happy and Profitable
Yes. You do! And to thrive as a dentist, not only do you need clarity about your business and how it impacts everyone you serve, you must also be able to ENJOY what you’re doing.   

If you’re struggling with any aspect of your dental business, you now have a fun and realistic opportunity to change things! 
And - You Can Be, After Just 1 Day at “Action To Win”
A Taste of What’s In Store for You
  •  Learn Simple Strategies to Accelerate Growth and Performance in Your Life and Business
  •  Discover Marketing Automation That Works Like Magic for Dental Practice Growth
  •  Learn the Secrets to Retain Patients, Boost Case Acceptance & Stop the “Fix-and-Repair” Services
  •  A Simple Technique to Communicate Better With Your Team Members So Things Get Done Right
  •  How To Set Concise Goals and Hit Them Fast!
  •  How to Eliminate Distractions and Improve Production
  •  Secrets to Getting Predictable, Consistent Practice Growth
  •  And much, much, more!
ACTION To Win: No BS Dentistry for 2019
This is not some sit in the back and fight falling asleep seminar. 

Your host is the energetic dynamo, Dr. Emily Letran, DDS, MS. She’s an international speaker, CEO dentist of two multi-specialty group practices, Certified High-Performance Coach and kid-proclaimed "Best Mom in the World." 

For more than 20 years, Dr. Emily has been doing what all dentists want to do - transform people’s lives by creating beautiful smiles.

Her business is a source of joy for her, but it wasn’t always that way. And as the industry has changed, she has seen more and more of her colleagues become increasingly unhappy in their business and lives.

So, she made it her mission to guide others to have a business that not only is fun and fulfilling, but also gives you the energy and creativity to pursue your passions… 

And, the time to create and enjoy unforgettable memories with your loved ones.  

At the
Action to Win event, Dr. Emily will share the secrets to live a balanced, yet thriving professional and personal life, including how to overcome stress, how to set and achieve specific goals and the encouragement to THINK BIG. 

The full day, action packed, content-rich agenda also offers presentations from top thinkers and influencers in dentistry. 
Action to Win, Dallas
Early Bird Tickets only $97 (Until May 15th)
Regular Ticket Price: $247
Here’s What You’ll Get By Being Here:
  •  Ultimate clarity and focus to increase productivity.
  •  Secrets to easily leverage technology systems to grow your dental practice.
  •  A method to create an all-star team and motivate them… (yes, this can be the team you currently have!)
  •  Steps to free up your time so you can focus exclusively on high-profit generating activities.
  •  A framework for being intentional at running your business, planning your retirement or your exit plan.
Plus as a Bonus…
During the event, you will set new goals, revisit old ones, and immediately implement more efficient systems.

You’ll leverage your resources, and by the end of the day everyone in the room will have leveled up as a better boss, a better business owner, as a high performing team!
    •  You will learn how to implement tried and true strategies and protocols to streamline your business and gain a clear focus.
    •  This will make everyone more intentional in maximizing your daily production, and stress levels will vanish because everyone is on board, motivated and clear on their goals.
    •  We’ll have candid discussions about real life dentistry.
    •  We’ll break down the difference between a practice owner and a clinical dentist… (and why it matters).
    •  You’ll see how to do foolproof follow-up, using patient education and long-term nurture to increase patient retention and boost referrals.
    •  How to cultivate and build the best culture for your patients and team.
    Meet Elite Experts
    Attend the next ACTION to Win event to join an elite group of entrepreneurs, healers, change agents, and marketing experts.
    Collaborate & Contribute
    A unique experience that allows you to grow both personally and professionally, while learning and sharing business strategies.
    Grow Your Connections
    Gain more confidence, capabilities, and direction while connecting with other high-level entrepreneurs from around the globe.
    "A Mindset Shift"
    "An Amazing Course"
    "Absolutely Recommended!"
    "Great Inspirations"
    Early Bird Tickets only $97 (Until May 15th)
    Regular Ticket Price: $247
    Dr. Emily Letran arrived in the USA in 1981 as a result of fleeing for her life during the exodus of the Vietnamese “Boat People." 

    A harrowing and dangerous journey for young Emily.

    Refugees faced pirates, over-crowded boats, and deadly storms. Estimates are that between 200,000 and 400,000 people died at sea. 

    Surviving this traumatic trip was the first hurdle on her journey to success.

    She had to learn English while living in a crowded apartment and sleeping on the floor, she delivered newspapers at 6:00 am rain or shine, to survive before she eventually fought her way to achieve academic and professional success.
    Today, Dr. Letran is not only a practicing dentist, she is the author of several books and a Certified High-Performance Coach.  

    She is dedicated to helping business professionals maximize their potential in their personal and business life.  
    She shows others how to lead in their professional practices, streamline their business, increase profits, and win back time from work so they can enjoy that time with their families, children and to pursue their passions. 

    Dr. Letran believes we should create our legacies in our prime working years and make the world a better place, being conscientious in everything we do, living as role models and constantly be learning and improving. 

    She encourages everyone to be the best version of themselves and always reaching for that highest level of personal potential. 
    A Personal Note From Dr. Emily
    On Why You Can’t Miss This Event

    I want to speak to you openly right now, as both a colleague and a friend.

    Recent studies reported in dental literature confirmed how we dentist are prone to all types of stress-related, physical and emotional problems. 

    Things like; cardiovascular disease, ulcers, colitis, hypertension, lower back pain, eye strain, marital troubles, alcoholism, drug addiction, mental depression, and suicide – at a HIGHER RATE than the rest of the PUBLIC!!! 

    * The suicide rate of dentists is more than twice the rate of the general population and almost three times higher than that of other white-collar workers. 

    * Emotional illness ranks third in order of frequency of health problems among dentists, while in the general population it ranks tenth. 

    * Coronary disease and high blood pressure are over 25% more prevalent among dentists than in the general population. 

    * Dentists suffer psycho-neurotic disorders at a rate of 2 1/2 times greater than physicians. 

    * The #1 killer of dentists is stress-related cardiovascular disease. 

    * The dental profession in North America loses the numerical equivalent of one large dental school class each year. 

    These statistics seem CRAZY to me…and I’m not willing to stand for it! 

    That's why I’ve been on a mission to transform the lives of busy professionals by helping them free up time to enjoy their families, children, friends & have the energy and creativity to pursue their passions. 

    When you come to this event, you’ll see it’s true. 

    You'll be guided through the framework that is customized to your needs and desires; the goals we set will be yours, peppered with my insights and the encouragement to THINK BIG. 

    There will also be a panel of experts sharing systems and strategies that you can implement and immediately use to hit your next milestone and beyond! 

    You’ll walk away from this event with the clarity, energy, courage and the influence that will make your practice the one your entire community talks about. 

    So, don't miss out on this. 

    Hurry and sign up now, because space is very limited. 

    I hope to see you there. Together we’ll make sure you're crushing it in 2019 and beyond. 

    Reserve your spot today and I'll see you in Philadelphia! 

    Dr. Emily Letran, DDS, MS

    How To Grow In The Economy You Create

    Being a dentist can be challenging because the dentist wears many hats: CEO, doctor, "boss," mom or dad. Besides building your practice as a business and striving to excel as a clinician, you also take care of your staff and your patients. Being able to FOCUS on what matters the most and maximize your potential is the key to having a successful practice and maintaining a happy personal life. Dr Emily Letran will guide you through a 90 minutes session where you will gain CLARITY (setting goals and priorities), maximize PRODUCTIVITY (get rid of distractions, achieve milestones in business), and develop COURAGE in personal and business life (having those difficult conversations regarding money, discounts, and dealing with office drama).

    You will have a list of strategies and commitments to ensure implementation and achieving your goals at the end of this breakthrough session.

    Dr. Paul “Nacho” Goodman

    Dr. Paul Goodman is a practicing general dentist and the managing partner of a group practice with two locations, along with his brother, Jeffrey, in Mercer County, NJ. Over the past ten years, Dr. Goodman has acquired three dental practices and has transformed his father’s general practice into a dental group that employs four general dentists, a specialist and over twenty team members in two locations. 

    After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 2002, Dr. Goodman pursued additional training at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. During his general practice residency and hospital fellowship at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Dr. Goodman had the fortunate opportunity to learn how to place and restore dental implants.

    His passion for teaching, speaking and giving back to the dental community. Dr. Paul joined United Dental Brokers of America in 2016 ( and helps dentists with buying and selling. Dr. Paul also is part of the Dental Amigos Podcast which shares valuable info on the business of dentistry ( ). In 2017, he also founded the Facebook Group “Dental Nachos”, based on his love of helping and kindly annoying dentists. He also really loves nachos (www.
    Dr. Goodman lives in Center City, Philadelphia with his wife, Mary, and their two daughters, Daphne and Drew. They love all Philadelphia has to offer, especially the fantastic restaurant scene!

    Leonard Tau

    After purchasing his practice the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence in Philadelphia in 2007, Dr. Leonard Tau solely used the power of the internet to help grow his new patient base and went against the traditional way of marketing one’s dental office . He lectures nationally and internationally on internet marketing, social media and reputation marketing and its ability to make your dental office more visible and credible. He is also the General Manager of the Dental Division for Birdeye a reputation marketing platform and founder of iSocial Digital a consulting firm that helps dentists develop a comprehensive online marketing plan. His content rich, engaging seminars allow him to bring his first hand experiences to his audiences.

    Chosen as one of the top leaders in dental consulting by Dentistry Today, Dr. Leonard Tau DMD is a Dentist, Consultant, Speaker and Practice owner. Few professionals within the dental industry have the level of expertise, knowledge, and passion for the field. He has traveled the country educating dental professionals to help them succeed in growing their practice, reigniting their passion for dentistry and navigating the fast-changing nature of the job.

    Andre Shirdan

    Andre is an inspirational and motivational speaker, executive coach and certified trainer. He is the Creator of The CREW Process. Which is a better way to define practice philosophy, bring consistency to treatment and gets the entire office and staff into alignment.

    For three decades practices working with Andre have found great personal success while getting to know his genuine, frank and devilishly funny personality.

    Parthiv Shah

    Why Uses Info-First Marketing (And Maybe You Should Too.)

    Let’s talk about what Info-First Marketing is. Dan Kennedy talks about it in Magnetic Marketing, Ryan Deiss talks about it in Digital Marketer Customer Value Optimization value journey canvas, Infusionsoft talks about that in Life Cycle Marketing, HubSpot calls this Inbound Marketing. All these marketing experts are talking about the exact same thing.

    The concept is to share before you sell.

    Bring a gift when you meet someone for the first time; something of value to start a conversation and establish trust before asking for permission to pitch or deal. That’s the core concept. That’s how humanity really operates.

    Jay Malik

    My name is Jay Malik. I am an Author and a Speaker specializing in money matters for dentists. I am the inventor of The R.I.C.H. Dentist System℠, an integrated set of protocols to help them achieve a fulfilled life without anxiety about money. My practice as a Money Coach, Accountant, and Tax Strategist for dentists serves doctors from throughout the US and has helped clients implement The R.I.C.H. Dentist System℠ to achieve a stress-free life which is prosperity driven and ultimately leads to financial freedom.
    Steve Parker
    Justin Morgan
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