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Many people have pointed out the many correlations between business and seduction...and when you consider exactly what it means to do business with people it makes a lot of sense.  

Just like the art of seduction, when we are working to establish a business relationship we need to build trust with our prospects and demonstrate that we have something extraordinary to offer.   That’s what Business Kamasutra is all about.

We draw upon the ancient art of seduction in the Kamasutra, and combine it with time tested, reliable marketing knowledge and experience…

And place it all in the framework of modern technology - which puts the entire process on autopilot.  

The Business Kamasutra will change your business life and income forever.  With my approach, you find it easier to find prospects, turn those prospects into clients, and create a powerful and lucrative bond with those clients so they trust you and buy from you over and over again.  

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What Is The Business Kamasutra?
And What It Can Do For Your Business...
Before we get into business, let’s talk about sex. Would you mate with someone you can’t trust? Would you do business with someone you can’t trust? In Business and Sex, it’s all about TRUST.
You don’t want to mate with the wrong person, right? Because if you do, winning will be insignificant & losing will be embarrassing! You want to know who you are, who you are for, how you want to please them, how do they want to be pleased, can you please them the way they want to be pleased and are you OK with the paycheck that comes with it.
The Business Kamasutra
From Persuasion to Pleasure...
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