Are you a SERIOUS Student of Direct Response Marketing?
Do you like to study technology that automates marketing?
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Fine Print: The Club is really free. You just pay for the books you buy, newsletters you subscribe to and events you attend. The club and the study hall is exclusively reserved for CEOs and CMOs of companies with $500K in annual revenue. (No start ups, no micro-businesses, no large corporation employees, no sales people please).

We also have a special study hall called '10M Club'. This study hall is exclusively for CEOs of companies with $2.5M in annual revenues and a goal to grow their company to $10M. Access to 10M Club is free also. You just have to be the CEO of the right size company and have an interest in direct response marketing to join.
Do you have a plan and curriculum for your continuing education? I do!
Hi I am Parthiv Shah. President of, author of Business Kamasutra; founder of The Ultimate Conversion Concepts platform, creator of The Internal Marketing Machine, an astute student of direct response marketing, Dan Kennedy principles and technologies that enable marketing automation. 

I am an ICP (Infusionsoft Certified Partner), DMCP (Digital Marketer Certified Partner), Certified Independent Business Adviser of GKIC for Maryland and a mentor to over 47 college students. 

I AM a serious student of direct response marketing. I spend about a third of my awake life learning, reading, studying. I have several dozen binders, several hundred books and several thousand CD/DVDs plus over a hundred different educational URLs with login ID and password that I pay for. I am very proud of my library and amount of time I spent building my library. 

I started the study club so I can share my study habits, my mind maps, my continuing education curriculum and my process of planning my advance education. I figure, anyone who joins THIS club is serious about their business, serious about their advancement and place high value on continuing education. 

I have studied alone since 2009. I no longer wish to study alone. I want study buddies to talk to. 

Would you be my study buddy? 
  • Shared curriculum - access to my master 'study plan' with links to buy everything I have. 
  • Study Hall hours - A monthly study hall hour on gotomeeting where students can mingle and faculty or advisers can drop by and answer questions. 
  • Ask Study Buddies A private, club members only Facebook group where you can ask questions to your fellow students. 
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