Physical Therapy Practice Owners!
Discover How to Focus More On Your Patients, Generate More Income with Less Effort Using Your Existing Patients, While Running Your Practice Remotely From The Location of Your Choice!
...regardless of your current practice model (whether you’re cash-based, in-network, or otherwise)...
Perfect PT Practice
September 22 & 23
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
119 Nueces Street
Austin, TX 78701

You will learn how to:
  • Marketing automation to grow your PT practice like wildfire!
  • Attract new patients to your door with repeatable ease!
  • Create more income from existing patients...and they’re happy to give you more money!
  • Take a relaxing vacation and know that your practice isn’t burning to the ground without you!
  • Eliminate “cattle car physical therapy practices”! Focus on the patients you want to work with!
Attention Fellow Physical Therapists! The P3 Summit is Coming to Austin, Texas!
If you’re ready to break free from slavery to your physical therapy practice, then you’ll want to spend the 48 hours drinking from the fire hose of knowledge that is Jerry Durham, MPT at this year’s P3 Summit in Austin, Texas!

Sure, $399 may get you the whole seat, but you’ll only need The Edge!

With 20+ years as a physical therapist running multiple practices, Jerry is a powerhouse of information when it comes to automating your PT practice, creating more income with less hours, and doing it all REGARDLESS of your current practice model! It doesn’t matter if you are cash-only, in-network, or only get paid in potato chips...Jerry can show you how to transform your current practice into the one you always dreamt you’d build when you enrolled in PT school!
    •  Uncensored discussions about real-world physical therapy practices!
    •  High-intensity training on how to live your bucket list now!
    •  Duplicate-able systems designed to work in any sized practice, in any area of the country!
    •  2-Day Training created BY a physical therapist FOR physical therapists JUST LIKE YOU!
    • Radical mindset shift on how you view your PT practice, patients, and staff (for the better)!
    • Evolution of your current practice to Rock Star Status with Brain-Dead-Simple Follow-Up!
    • Laser-focused attention on repeatable systems, like jet fuel for your practice!
    • Leapfrog from desire into action with staff just as excited to be a part of it all!

    Jerry Durham helps Physical Therapy Practice owners engage patients for great results. Following graduation from Physical Therapy school, Jerry practiced in a variety of settings, inpatient and outpatient, from small independent clinics to large hospitals and from the very beginning, Jerry questioned why there wasn’t an emphasis placed on treating patients as individuals, with unique concerns and objectives and why more effort wasn’t being made to develop true relationships with patients.

    Jerry’s experiences in these settings fueled his drive to prove that you can increase arrivals, decrease no shows and cancellations and achieve great results all through the relationship between your clinic and your patients.
    Parthiv Shah is the Founder and President of Over 300 dentists, physicians and other clients from 27 states in USA and over 8 other countries have benefited from working with Parthiv and He is the author of his International Best Selling book, “Business Kamasutra”, and is a contributor or co-author to six additional books. His upcoming book 'Copy That Sells' is co-authored with marketing legend Dan Kennedy. He is routinely invited to speak as technology expert at direct marketing conferences and small group mastermind sessions.
    Parthiv received his MBA in 1994. He has worked on over 10000 direct mail marketing projects and mailed over a billion pieces of direct mail. He is a veteran of the Indian Air Force, member of the Lions Club, a Leadership Montgomery Core Program graduate (class of 2016) and the proud dad of an Eagle Scout.
    Parthiv Shah
    Jerry’s Perfect PT Practice Formula:
    From ‘humble’ beginnings as a worker on his parents“farm” (a vineyard in Napa Valley, CA), Jerry learned quickly that the power of duplicate-able, repeatable systems were vital for his family’s success. Therefore, it was a no-brainer when the time came to create a system for his own practices. In fact, Jerry was so sure that the systems would be easy to create...that he waited 9 years to create them! In all seriousness, this is TRIED AND TRUE marketing and physical therapy practice automation. 
    Jerry will pull back the curtain to reveal
    • Discover the way we work that will shed the right light on you and your practice 
    • Insider secrets to getting the staff on board with the new changes you’re making 
    • How to have a hassle-free Referral Culture from your existing patients
    • Quick and easy ways to save money when implementing new marketing material
    • The top 5 critical questions you must ask before you let anyone make an appointment 
    • Appointment scheduling, made easier than you ever imagined
    High Performance Blueprint
    The secret is in the system! And the system is supported by Four P’s:
    • Patient Engagement
    • Productivity
    • Profitability
    • Prosperity
    Be one of the first to sign up, and you’ll have front row seats to the Perfect PT Practice Formula Transformation! Jerry selects members of the audience for real world scenarios to transform some practices right on the spot!
    September 22 & 23
    9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Galvanize Campus
    119 Nueces Street
    Austin, TX 78701
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