The mission is to light a fuse that adds at least 100 Million Dollars to our dental economy by helping a portfolio of dentists do an additional $100,000 or more in monthly dental patient revenue by . ..


Why Should Some Dentist in Your Area that Focus On Implant Patients

Make a MUCH Better Income…
from FEWER Patients……
While You Work Like a Whipped Mule, Doing “Volume,” Fighting With Insurers Over Dimes?

URGENT: We Are Looking For A Single Dentist In Your Area Who Can Accept AT Least 3 to 7 More Implant Cases Per Month

(Only Available to One Dentist Per Geographic Area - So Immediate Response Is Necessary!)

Certain criteria are required, including:

  • The necessary clinical skills for implant dentistry with several years of service to your patients
  • ​No less than 3 years in practice in your geographic area
  • ​At least 1500 total patient records
  • ​Revenue above $500,000
  • ​A desire to add $50,000.00 to $100,000.00+ per month to your revenue

If this is you, then I want to GIVE you
A FREE gift that cost me $1,000,000.00 to develop
just to get our relationship started on the right foot.

Hi, my name is Parthiv Shah, and for the last 35 years I have helped businesses of all kinds increase revenue and profit through direct response marketing. More recently, for 12 years now, I have helped dental practices like yours - increase sales and profitability at an alarming rate.

My team of crack IP experts, marketing savants, and I have helped dentists increase practice revenues from as little as $500,000 to as much as $12,000,000 a year by adding or optimizing implant and All-on-4 dentistry services.

Full disclosure, to get to a $12 million practice it takes a lot of employee leadership and management. Most dentists at that level are spending all of their time managing numbers and people…

And no time seeing patients.

However, most practices can easily double to triple their revenue - and grow their profits by a multiple of that - by adding or optimizing implant and All-on-4 cases.  

I can say that with authority because I have seen it over and over again. 

If you meet the 5 criteria above, then I have a wonderful gift for you…

I want to give you a 300+ page digital binder filled with ALL of the marketing systems I use to grow dental practice income FAST!

And I want to give it to you 100% FREE!

I have invested more than $1,000,000.00 in documented expenses, and more than a decade of my life, learning, developing, testing, and perfecting these implant marketing systems in this binder…

That’s why I call it the Million Dollar Binder.

So why would I want to give you everything for FREE?

Why would I give you $1,000,000
and 12 years worth of work…FREE?

Frankly, it’s because you don’t know me from Adam’s house cat…

but I want you to have undeniable proof that I know how to add or increase your implant and All-on-4 revenue by a substantial margin... 


I also want to have the opportunity to discuss how we might be able to work together to implement these systems in a braindead easy way for you and your staff.

Just to be clear, you DO NOT need to work with me to use the systems and marketing assets in the Million Dollar Binder. Everything you need is included - NOTHING LEFT OUT.

You are perfectly welcome to take your copy of the Million Dollar Binder and implement everything in it yourself.

You do not need to speak to me or anyone else.

Just download this FREE binder and get to work. 

However, I truly believe that it makes sense to at least explore the possibility of working together…

And I believe you will agree.

However, that is 100% up to you.

I can guarantee you - if you implement the marketing systems, websites, follow up sequences, lead generators, etc that I am giving you FREE…

You will see a dramatic increase in your implant and all-on-4 work - along with a substantial increase in your revenue.

Here is Exactly What You Get In
The Million Dollar Binder:

  • ● Print on Demand Automated Postcard campaign
  • ● Appointment Not Set campaign
  • Appointment No Show campaign
  • ● Appointment No Sell campaign
  • Neighborhood farming postcards campaign
  • ● New patient wow experience greeting cards and gift automation
  • Implant sales funnels & marketing automation follow up system
  • ● Anxiety free dentistry funnel for appointment no-show
  • In-office Implant seminar system
  • ● Dental patient e-newsletter template
  • Photo book: "More than Just a Smile" Ad
  • ● Complete dental physical exam forms
  • Shock and Awe package to impress and impress upon new patients that they should let your practice, and your practice alone, take care of their dental implants
  • ● Case presentation package which will walk you and your new patient through a success presentation that ends with them accepting your treatment plan
  • And much much more…

You get everything 100% free and royalty FREE.

You can use the marketing assets the way they are - or use them as a jumping off point to develop your own.

Just request your copy of the binder right now to get started…

Read This Only if You Are Uncertain About Downloading This FREE Gift…

Advice from Napoleon Hill

You probably know Hill for his classic bestseller THINK AND GROW RICH. But later in life he wrote an even more interesting, introspective book titled GROW RICH WITH PEACE OF MIND.

In it, he made the important point that “riches” are not all simply financial. health, time with family, friendships, rewarding life experiences and, notably PEACE OF MIND are all riches.

Today it seems that fewer people than ever own Peace of Mind. Record numbers are on antidepressants and other mental health drugs. The sale of “sleep aids" is booming…

Can no one get three nights of good sleep in a row?

And what about you?

Your thoughts about your practice, your finances, your future?

IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT what it would feel like to know for certain that you would receive 3 - 7 more implant patients than your current average, EVERY month, like Swiss clockwork. IMAGINE being able to count on it.

Would THIS make a big contribution to your “peace of mind riches”?

If you agree that yes, of course it would, then why wouldn’t you download this FREE gift? No harm can come of it.

Hill also noted that most people have goals in mind but comparatively few ever achieve them - mostly because they fail to fully investigate opportunities to achieve them!

If you are tempted not to bother downloading this FREE gift, I understand. You have arrived here without knowing who I am or what I can do for you.

Some skepticism is rational and reasonable. But wouldn’t it be a lot better to apply that skepticism to investigation and consideration - not instant rejection?

The Million Dollar Binder is packed full of PROVEN and PROFITABLE marketing systems that can dramatically change your income and lifestyle…

IF you apply them to your practice.

The first step is just to download the FREE binder and take a look.
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