Urgent: We Are looking For
A Dentist In Your Area 
Who Can Accept
3 to 7 (More) Implant Cases Per Month

(If That’s You, Let’s Get You Started)

Certain criteria are required, including:

  • The necessary clinical skills & already doing implant dentistry
  • ​No less than 3 years in practice in your  geographic area
  • ​At least 1500 Active patient records
  • ​Revenue above $500,000
  • ​A desire to add $50,000.00 to $100,000.00+ per month to your revenue

We provide the patients. (You do NOT do that work, nor does your staff. There is
NO “learning curve.”)

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Read This Only if You Are Uncertain
About Requesting Your Comprehensive Information Pack…

If you have any interest in adding 3-7 (MORE) implant patients per month to your current practice, it is critical that you request the information package immediately! We are only accepting one dentist per geographic area…

So your competition MAY already be talking to us! Or worse, they may be preparing to lock up your area right now!

There is no cost or obligation for you in investigating this. Your inquiry is private and confidential. No list is compiled of doctors responding. IF YOU PREFER RESPONDING BY PHONE, please call Ashley at 301-760-3953


  • Make ‘success’ easier on you and your staff?
  • Meet your practice income goals working LESS hours, finding more time for your family and personal life?
  • Ease the stress of needing a lot of new patients? - up against more and more competition. 
  • ​Need “fewer and less” - with bigger cases of implant dentistry
  • Make your practice more stable, secure, and valuable?
  • ​Have enough EXTRA income to fully fund retirement investments, otherwise invest, erase debt, and “make up for lost time” stolen from you by the pandemic’s effects, market/401K, SEP, IRA losses?
  • ​LET US DELIVER high value, respectful implant patients?​


You have invested in a career, built a professional practice and established a dutifully protected reputation, yet everything still seems more difficult than it should be!

Are you still making excuses to your family about the long-promised trips or vacation home, saying ”as soon as I…” then, finally - but the goalposts keep moving?

Are you privately, secretly embarrassed by or at least frustrated by not being a lot further ahead financially than you are?

Are you quietly, privately insecure and worried about your future? (There ARE trends in dentistry that are not your friend.)

Is your success something of a trap? - requiring running harder ‘n faster, getting more ‘n more new patients, maybe “marketing” on social media - doing a lot to get a little…just to stay even.

IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO “RE-ENGINEER” THIS NOW - THEN WHEN? It’s time to own a better practice AND TO FEEL BETTER about your practice!

To request a “no obligation” copy of a complete information package…
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Advice from Napoleon Hill

You probably know Hill for his classic bestseller THINK AND GROW RICH. But later in life he wrote an even more interesting, introspective book titled GROW RICH WITH PEACE OF MIND.

In it, he made the important point that “riches” are not all simply financial. Health, time with family, friendships, rewarding life experiences and, notably PEACE OF MIND are all riches.

Today it seems that fewer people than ever own Peace of Mind. Record numbers are on antidepressants and other mental health drugs. The sale of “sleep aids" is booming…
can no one get three nights of good sleep in a row?

And what about you?

Your thoughts about your practice, your finances, your future?

IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT what it would feel like to know for certain that you would receive 3 - 7 more implant patients than your current average, EVERY month, like Swiss clockwork. IMAGINE being able to count on it.

Would THIS make a big contribution to your “peace of mind riches”?

If you agree that yes, of course it would, then why wouldn’t you download this FREE gift? No harm can come of it.

Hill also noted that most people have goals in mind but comparatively few ever achieve them - mostly because they fail to fully investigate opportunities to achieve them!

If you are tempted not to bother downloading this FREE gift, I understand. You have arrived here without knowing who I am or what I can do for you.

Some skepticism is rational and reasonable. But wouldn’t it be a lot better to apply that skepticism to investigation and consideration - not instant rejection?

We are earnestly looking for the dentist to provide implant patients to in your area. We hate the thought of not finding him or her because we never got the chance to send you all the details by mail

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