IWCP Symposium 2017
November 12-14, 2017
Your Marketing Fair Kicks off Symposium 2017, 4:30-6 PM Sunday. 
Walking in, your practiced eyes will quickly scan the room feasting on the colors and narrative of the fliers, reports, booklets, websites, and more. 
Learn how your peers in the nationals largest network of Workers' Comp specialists are getting and keeping clients!
* Refundable until Oct 12th 2017 and transferable to anyone inside the agency.

How are you earning the right to your buyer's attention? Does your marketing earn you the account every time? Are prospects blown away?


Chris Burand
Battling Extinction in an Age of Change

The distribution of insurance is changing massively, putting the spotlight on lazy agents and causing their extinction. This presentation will cover what agents need to do to remain relevant. It is hard hitting and stomach-churning, yet well received and invaluably informative.

Don Phin
Victims, Villains, and Heroes

Don is a Human Relationship expert and the catalyst behind He is a veteran attorney, trainer and coach. Don wowed Advisors at Institutes with Victims, Villains, and Heros. At one in-agency Institute, because the President heard Don at the Institute he attended, he suggested produces invite their family. Delivered as only Don can deliver, this presentation covers a range of human interactions. You will find that you can apply his lessons to situations ranging from client interaction to agency and daily life.

Ryan Wakely
Tools For Success

This 27 year old put together the resources he needed to blast off in Workers' Comp. The result? He booked $100K revenue in his first 6 months and is on track to repeat his success several times over. He attributes his quick success to his IT background -- being the IT Admin for his agency before he became a producer. This non-stop whiz teaches producer licensing at a licensing school, hires and trains new producers -- enrolling them in the CWCA online training-- and has already authored his first booklet, The Commercial Insurance Producer:Playbook.. Sit back, listen to his story, and discover tools for success from this young producer.

LJ Scamahorn
Get The Order by Showing, Not Selling

Institute Coach LJ Scamahorn, along with a few of his CWCA work partners, will show you how to leverage your CWCA designation with compelling social proof. After you work with LJ you'll closely watch prospects go through the decision-making process before nodding their heads, and saying "yes, it's time to break up with my current agent."

Andrew Atkinson
Craft a More Impressive Seminar Presentation

Andrew is a seminar presenter par excellence. You're the audience in this "workshop for contractors" as he "sells" the complexities of the experience mod. You'll see how he opens the commission floodgates with his consummate skill and know how. He'll get you ready to schedule your own seminars, and the Institute will help you follow through.Each seminar leads to warm prospects and new commission dollars. This 8 year producer is a member of the $1,000,000 revenue club.

Mike Muir
Become a “True Producer”

This ex-Nationwide agent is the true definition of a mover. Mike "moves" policies from insurance companies to business owners. Period. He’s skilled at moving the inside work to his Client Engagement Manager who does the rest. Mike is a new CWCA who has compiled 430 prospects. Mike’s interview will set you on the path towards getting and keeping clients.

Steve Stramara
Prepare yourself for a $1M BOR

This long-time CWCA will take you step-by-step, slide-by-slide, through the presentation he made that knocked a National Broker "under the bus” and earned Steve a $1M BOR! This is impressive on its own, and when you consider that Steve's office is in a town with a population of 3,002, it's almost unbelievable. This could become your story. What

Mike Stromsoe
Running your Agency like a Laboratory

Mike Stromsoe wears two very distinct hats...well maybe 3 when this passionate chef is in front of the burners. Our time with Mike will be far ranging. Mike considers his Agency a lab for his other business of helping agents help clients. You’ll be stunned at his energy and vast interests. Get ready for Ideas flying at you minute after minute. Mike has authored 6 books, appeared on Fox News, ESPN Radio, enjoys testimonials from QB Joe Theismann, Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on Shark Tank and more notables.

Randy & Dustin Boss
Safety Sells

Open doors like never before by leading with safety! Randy and Dustin Boss, a father and son team will show you both how to connect safety to the insurance sale, and the results which make this such an integral part of the WorkComp business. They will show you how to catch the incumbent flat footed by helping an employer meet their compliance requirements, and how to audit a safety program. Safety sells if you do it the right way, and the Boss team is here to show you how. PS: How involved are you with trade associations? Could these associations be the secret sauce of success?

Teresa Long
Are Employers Laying the Right Workers’ Comp Foundation for Future Growth?  

Teresa has developed a revolutionary system for educating clients about working with all players in the WorkComp system.Teresa will take you down paths you have probably never considered when talking to an employer. Up until now you may have turned the wrong way. Teresa will set you back on the right path. How does your best client’s employee manual address worker’s comp? Addressing WorkComp the right way in an employee manual can help keep greedy attorneys out of your client’s checkbook. Teresa will help you install this exit barrier that your competitor will find it hard to hurdle.

Preston Diamond
Building your Report of Findings

Proposals mean to bid. Nothing you really want to do. Presentation means giving something to someone. Very fuzzy word. Can mean different things to different people. Providing a Report of your Findings hits the target.

It is the end result of your Discovery Conversation. There are multiple "How to's" when you give your report - electronically? 3-ring binder? and more. Important, but not as critical as how you organize your Report. If your buyer does not understand it, you are sunk. That is unless your price is all that counts. Join us in Laguna for the "rest of the story." See you there.

Kevin Ring
673 and Counting

Helping Advisors analyze 673 Mod Worksheets (as of Aug 31, 2017), Kevin will be diving deep into some of the most commonly asked technical questions Advisors have challenged him with this year. Detailed case studies involving cancel/rewrites and subrogation recoveries will headline his session. As always, he'll be keeping you up to date on upcoming changes from rating bureaus around the country.

Sunday Night Blastoff! - Marketing Fair

Advisors and Institute marketing material will be plastered around the ballroom for you to wander, gaze and snap photos while you sip, nibble and take in soothing sounds that will capture your musical memories. The Marketing Fair was a Symposium highlight and it returns for 2017. It only works though with your help. Please email with marketing, sales materials, including agency brochures, seminar invites, newsletters, letters, and more in your cache of client "getting and keeping" toolbox.

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Symposium 2017 November 12-14

Sunday: Marketing Fair Returns! -- 4:30-6PM

Monday: 8:30-5:30 PM 

Tuesday: 8-12 PM

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Friday November 10:  $295
Saturday November 11:  $295
Sunday & Monday, November 12-13: $199
Tuesday November 14: $275
Wednesday-Thursday November 15-16:  $275

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